Telecom Projects Deployment Maintenance Solutions

Telecom Projects Deployment and Maintenance Solutions

The NEXSYS-ONE software solutions were first created in 2001 to build and operate some of the first 2g/3g mobile networks across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. Initially deployed as an in-house exclusive platform of a Finnish based global systems integrator to serve the service organization across 25 counties, NEXSYS-ONE was used to deliver turnkey networks, expansions, NOC operations, trouble ticketing, network planning, procurement, PMO services, training, quality assurance, optimization, remote integration services, tower sharing, corrective and preventive maintenance, RMS deployments, core networks, asset management and logistics services. Our service organization was sold in 2013 & NEXSYS-ONE under existing product management became a separate entity and product to be offered to mobile operators, tower companies and system integrators.

Self-Managed All-in-One Platform

NEXSYS-ONE was built and is supported by telecom deployment and managed services experts. Every aspect or complex process is captured within the platform. We have seen it all and have made complex processes simple. ADMIN-ONE is the admin tool that enables our customers to self-manage their product with remote support when needed. The admin tool enables the creation of projects, change the GUI, add fields, mass upload, set permissions, set business rules, define processes, manage access, create custom reports, schedule reports, create forms, create mobile views and set notifications and alerts.

API Capabilities

NEXSYS-ONE over the years has integrated with many third-party systems to improve the operational processes, communication and visibility. NEXSYS-ONE has vast experience in this area. Such integrations include RMS systems, OSS platforms, ERP financial systems, network TRS planning tools, RF planning tools, optimization tools, RAN core networks and access management systems. We believe that centralizing and synchronizing information across departments and functions is a critical success factor to any network deployment or managed services.


We have experience from building and operating over 400 Telecom projects worldwide across 51 countries since 2001. Hundreds of thousands of cell sites have been deployed and maintained using NEXSYS-ONE. We bring our customers solutions to problems via our platform and sector knowledge during deployment with system driven processes that eliminate handoffs, reduce cycle time, improve quality & drive down cost. We have a full diverse platform that truly works with strong successful references from around the world.