Incident Emergency Management System

Incident and Emergency Management System

The NEXSYS-ONE HELP-I.M.S. is the incident management system that drives the digital transformation of emergency services, disaster recovery organization and communities to assist the public during incidents with efficient task management and prioritization through advanced mobile workforce management tools and automated workflows whilst providing dynamic reporting and continuous monitoring capability.

Command Center Platform

The command center platform is the back-end software used by the incident operation center to coordinate disaster & incident responses. This platform connects responders with the public who need assistance via real time video conferencing, dispatch solutions with automated algorithms to improve response times, incident map layouts and push notifications to responders and the public to efficiently manage incidents, workflow management and template creation and distributions, incident workflow close out and escalation, video and data transferring between emergency services departments to effectively process and coordinate incidents.

Responder App

The responder app that’s supported by all common mobile platforms comes in various forms depending on the usage. Such forms included rugged device and MDT apps to be effective in demanding environments. The HELP responder app connects the responder personnel with the command center. Responders receive dispatch alerts and notifications, immediate access to live video streaming from the incident via either other responders at the scene or the public using the HELP-I.M.S. public app, they receive workflow actions and details of the incident, access to map views and the incident location, access to view other responder locations or the person or persons in need, receive important critical alert notifications and visibility into the incident status and progress, order materials and red flag actions for the command center. Responders with authority can create immediate Sitrep or Methane reports from the incident providing critical data that’s needed to manage and coordinate the incident more effectively.

Employee App

The employee app empowers someone in need to immediately notify the command center. They can share what they see real time from the incident via the app with the responder and command center. The operational command center can also share the video communication with the person who needs assistance. The public employee app provides the user with guardian monitoring features to alert the command if in danger. The user has the option via either voice recognition, alert icon press, phone shake or on / off button press four times to alert the command center. On alert, the command center will immediately contact the user who needs assistance. The user will see the dispatch units on route via the map views and can contact them at any point. The person in need and the responders share video communication whilst on route. All communication is processed into the incident workflow and archived for a time period based on GDPR regulations.