Telecom Project Management Software

PROJECT-ONE  is the end-to-end network deployment platform managing expansions or turnkey projects from site acquisition to final acceptance. PROJECT-ONE empowers customers to obtain complete visibility of all aspects in the network deployment process. PROJECT-ONE is a dynamic system with a simple user interface that adjusts to any project process requirement. The milestone notification features and advanced reporting drive the workforce to build sites with ease.

Plan Your Complete Project Deployment With “Cascade Planning”

NEXSYS-ONE introduces “Cascade Planning,” a machine learning (ML) feature of PROJECT-ONE, that seamlessly and efficiently plans your complete project deployment. The feature is accurate, efficient, and designed to address local requirements. Besides several exceptional qualities, Cascade Planning’s ability to auto-create the network deployment plan by taking into consideration of historical data is exemplary.

In the network deployment process, NEXSYS-ONE enables users to capture key factors.
Improper handling of these factors could create hurdles and adversely impact a network deployment process.

We help you avoid it with our state-of-the-art algorithms that are built from the experience in the deployment of telecom network projects to avoid such hindrances.


Project Management Performance Optimization

PROJECT-ONE is an advanced web-based project management tool that manages turnkey projects from site acquisition to final acceptance. It is a module within NEXSYS-ONE that works independently and in conjunction with other NEXSYS-ONE modules to offer a complete project management solution. PROJECT-ONE has been designed for helping you to plan, organize, track and manage your project rollouts using the most advanced management and tracking techniques available on the market. It is designed on the key principles of project management such as scope, cost and schedule. PROJECT-ONE allows you to define your project scope, quality, budget and schedule.​

Dynamic and Customizable

PROJECT-ONE is dynamic and can be customized to a large degree of intelligence. The dashboards are the best in class and can be configured, along with the milestones and workflows. The PROJECT-ONE application has a highly compatible and user-friendly GUI that also acts as the central repository for crucial documentation and surveys. PROJECT-ONE supports Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to secure and control your data.

Mobile APP

The PROJECT-ONE mobile app provides essential project information on the go. The app uses the same cloud-based architecture as the desktop application. It provides instant notifications, email alerts, status updates and milestone information, thereby covering all aspects of your project. PROJECT-ONE has been designed to unify multiple project processes and integrate them into a single efficient process. This offers larger visibility into your network performance and helps to streamline the roll-out process. It allows you to prioritize project milestones, resources and key activities. PROJECT-ONE seamlessly manages your project and efficiently deploys your network solution.