Real-Time Remote Monitoring of Renewable Energy Systems

Real-time remote monitoring of renewable energy sites vital parameters through our edge devices allows you to proactively make decisions based on data received. Plus, SITE-ONE provides remote control functionality from the Control Centers. Thereby, the cost of maintenance will be reduced while providing useful insight into the energy assets status through a reliable and robust IoT cloud solution.


Offers comprehensive, integrated suite for monitoring inverters, batteries, and energy meters from various manufacturers to have visibility of a site’s output and other related equipment through the powerful user-friendly visual interface.


For renewable energy solutions, maintenance information ensures that the site’s maximum yields are achieved. SITE-ONE supports the objective of reduced downtime and high availability through output monitoring and maintenance planning.


SITE-ONE is designed for maintenance planning, remote diagnostics, SLA compliance, and KPI monitoring. Single system across multiple sites and multiple vendors. Support for hybrid systems is a crucial part of the solar monitoring module.


Powerful reporting engine provides visibility on yields and cost per kWh savings. Our reporting module covers power output, maintenance, operational monitoring, and much more. Reports also are generated to monitor expected vs actual yield.