Fiber Optic Network Deployment

Fiber Network Deployment Tracking & Reporting Solution

Reliance on Optical Fiber Cables (OFC) is increasing in energy projects (i.e. solar, wind, geothermal, utilities and others). FIBER-ONE is a comprehensive fiber network deployment tracking and reporting platform powered by the NEXSYS-ONE application. It facilitates optical fiber connection across sites and displays how the OFC connection is made and managed with options such as waypoints, cross-connections, paired ports, etc. Fiber paths and overlays can be created with existing transmission map typologies, which include microwave, cable routing, and electrical typologies, to help plan network integration and connectivity. It also features the controlling and maintaining of all fiber routes, locations, and facility information in one interface. FIBER-ONE software solution is built to facilitate fiber connection across the energy network, end-to-end.


FIBER-ONE offers a visual, user-friendly interface to help you understand and manage the entire fiber optic network deployment through fiber specific views. The module features a range of highlights made for end-to-end fiber deployment, route management, intermediate points and sub-section details, locations, deployment status, and connection.


FIBER-ONE makes it easy to enter, update, and understand the connectivity of your network: quickly establish and insert connections within splice enclosures, patch panels, optical network devices, and passive optic network splitters used in Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) applications. Management of certain fiber paths in your network as a single unit. Users can create the fiber paths and overlay them with existing transmission map topologies. Such overlays include microwave, cable routing, or electrical typologies to help plan your network integration and connectivity. A centrally managed fiber optic network requires accurate information that is mapped to your physical network allowing for onsite asset search capabilities or planning for future system expansions. The FIBER-ONE cross-connection manager provides planners and field engineers with the status of cross-connection port management, valuable to help plan future expansions or deliver the last mile.


Visual interfaces help users understand and manage fiber optic network deployment through several views specifically designed for fiber deployments.


The module provides a geographical representation of energy site locations. Its view is based on fiber routes and their respective segments entered in the control section of the PROJECT-ONE and TASK-ONE modules.