Cell Site Access Management Solution

Sera4 and NEXSYS-ONE strengthen their service offering with an integrated solution between the NEXSYS-ONE module TASK-ONE & the Sera4 Teleporte. With this integration, we’re able to seamlessly manage access to facilities from the NOC. Access requests are managed within the TASK-ONE workflow engine providing field engineers, suppliers or tenants immediate assistance to enter sites. Access permissions are controlled depending the scheduled activities listed in the NEXSYS-ONE workforce management system.

How it Works

When access is granted, Sera4 allows the customers to connect their physical locks to the Teleport access control software. Access is then granted with an entry code via the TASK-ONE workflow engine & mobile device.

Minimum Maintenance

• Easy to install tether mount point
• Long battery life with fail-secure option to power by USB

Hardened Design

• Engineered for harsh environments and weather conditions
• 10mm boron and stainless steel shackle
• Chrome plating for corrosion and cut/drill resistance

Real-Time Audit & Control

• Real-time access control with bank-grade digital security
• Integrated sensors to meet audit requirements