Advanced, Customizable Deployment Solution

At the center of operations of renewable energy sites, PROJECT-ONE performs as the most powerful, advanced, and highly customizable end-to-end deployment software solution. With a built-in full suite of project management modules, it helps users have easy, quick, and complete visibility of all aspects of renewable energy projects. Like our other solutions, PROJECT-ONE combines ADMIN-ONE, the self-administration module, which helps project administrators manage the project configuration without the need for additional development.

Plan Your Complete Project Deployment With “Cascade Planning”

NEXSYS-ONE introduces “Cascade Planning,” a machine learning (ML) feature of PROJECT-ONE, that seamlessly and efficiently plans your complete project deployment. The feature is accurate, efficient, and designed to address local requirements. Besides several exceptional qualities, Cascade Planning’s ability to auto-create the network deployment plan by taking into consideration of historical data is exemplary.

In the deployment process, NEXSYS-ONE enables users to capture key factors.
Improper handling of these factors could create hurdles and adversely impact a deployment process.

We help you avoid it with our state-of-the-art algorithms that are built from the experience in the deployment of projects to avoid such hindrances.



The solution enables administrators to create and manage projects and reports. Similarly, the module aligns them with your business rules to deliver the most complex processes.


It helps users with documentation management, which includes document upload, revision tracking, and approvals.


The PROJECT-ONE mobile app provides essential project information on the go. The module also supports offline features for creating and filling forms, and surveys, completing quality audits, and work orders.


Capabilities built into the module allow the automation of related milestones as well as mass updates. Therefore, it saves time, reduces handoffs between groups, and improves overall data quality.