NEXSYS-ONE's Software Modules for the Renewable Energy Sector

NEXSYS-ONE offers its suite of advanced software solutions for the renewable energy vertical, to build and maintain the renewables infrastructure. While fossil fuels will run out in 40-60 years, the sun will always shine, the wind will always blow, and the Earth will always have geothermal energy. NEXSYS-ONE is committed to supporting the rapid deployment of alternative energy solutions. Our software modules, PROJECT-ONE, VENDOR-ONE, TASK-ONE, ASSET-ONE, FLEET-ONE and SITE-ONE come together to streamline network implementation, operational success and IoT solutions to measure and monitor network elements. At the heart of our company is the aspiration to combine strong talent with grit, to creatively build a profitable and impactful business, that creates immense value to our customers and the planet.


The NEXSYS-ONE modules empower our customers to efficiently deploy their network infrastructure with techniques and processes built within our platform by industry experts since 2001. Our platform includes project planning, technical site surveys, procurement, budgeting, asset management, warehouse management, vendor management, work order management, project deployment tracking and reporting, custom reports, forms, documentation control, contract management, billing, personal dashboards, self-administration, GIS applications, mobility, task management, resource management, spares handling, fleet management and much more.


Network preventive and corrective maintenance are core service areas our software solutions support. With direct access to active and passive network equipment elements over IoT sensors and measurement devices, our TASK-ONE and SITE-ONE modules empower the maintenance crews to effectively service their infrastructure. Mobile devices are used to process work orders with intelligent AI capabilities to assign crews based on their skill sets, availability, location & their spare parts needed to resolve potential equipment failures.


The SITE-ONE alarm handler is a powerful platform that’s integrated with network elements or third-party NMS systems over gate way API’s. SITE-ONE provides visual data analytics of the performance of equipment, manages alarms and notifications, alarm correlations, business rule control and workforce trouble ticketing with integration to the NEXSYS-ONE TASK-ONE module.