Fleet Management Software Solution

Fleet Management Software Solution

FLEET-ONE is the fleet management solution that provides its customers with real-time data that includes the location of the vehicle, vehicle fault alerts, trips summary and much more. FLEET-ONE has a mission to facilitate businesses by providing practical solutions in the field of IoT. At the heart of FLEET-ONE is technology you can trust. Engaging user centric design, we offer lean and effective solutions to monitor your fleet remotely.

Vehicle Dashboard

With FLEET-ONE you can share your location with anyone at any time. You will be able to access your vehicles in near real-time via your smartphone. Locate your vehicle and discover valuable insights such as fuel consumption, odometer value, speed and more.

Trips, Work Order and Job Location

With FLEET-ONE you will be able to know where, when and how your vehicle was driven. With our trip summary feature, you can learn about driving patterns and vehicle performance. FLEET-ONE can be used to manage work orders and plan stops based on severity of the incident, optimum route, time window, etc.

Vehicle Security and Health

With FLEET-ONE you will be able to secure your vehicle by enabling the movement lock feature. This feature creates virtual lock of 30m around your vehicle. This will act as an extra layer of security for your vehicle and will inform you when the vehicle leaves this area. With FLEET-ONE you will be able to maintain your vehicle health by getting valuable vehicle insights. Understand your vehicle’s needs by getting notifications about vehicle faults and remote diagnostics.

Notifications and Geofences

FLEET-ONE will alert you about important aspects of your vehicle such as service due, faults and other alarms. FLEET-ONE will remind you when to renew your vehicle’s roadworthiness check and get your car fully serviced. This will help you avoid major costs and fines. Create and monitor your locations of interest. Set notifications based on entry and exit events at the locations such as home, project site, office, depot, etc.