Telecom Public Safety Alternative Energy Cloud-Based Software Solutions Project Management Maintenance

Company Overview

NEXSYS-ONE is a global leader in cloud-based enterprise software, with an extensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite that can be utilized across multiple industries, such as Telecom, Renewable Energy and Public Safety services. Our software Products and Solutions have been extensively used around the world since 2001 across 51 countries to manage the deployments and maintenance of nationwide Telecom Networks. Our mission is to connect the previously unconnected under a single unified platform to drive pioneering service innovation in the management of deployment, operations and maintenance processes.    Our software solutions are modular and scalable and can suit customers with different size of operations. We also integrate via our web service APIs to third party platforms to optimize efficiencies for our customers.

How NEXSYS-ONE came about

Our modules have been developed by experienced telecom service professionals over the past 22 years. We know and understand the need to have customizable applications that are easy to use, yet capable of implementing complex processes. Within our service history, going back as far as 1995 in the telecoms vertical, we found ourselves updating and using several stand-alone third party software products for our service delivery. What we needed, was ‘’ONE’’ platform capable of connecting various departmental functions to gain process efficiencies and complete visibility. Today, NEXSYS-ONE is a software company that’s deployed and maintained by telecom professionals. We speak the same language as our telecom customers and understand every process needed to build and maintain networks.  


NEXSYS-ONE module TASK-ONE awarded as best task management and ticketing system of UAE, 2017


The application self-administration tool enables administrative users of the application to perform functionalities pertaining to the business process.

  • Project Creation and Management: Creating new projects that include assigning sites, defining business rules with user-defined phases, managing milestones, and enabling mass upload actions.

  • User and Access Management: Creating a company, assigning predefined sets of access rights to individual users and group users based on functional roles and security considerations.

  • Template Management: Configuring checklists and forms templates.

  • Documentation Management: Creating and configuring project documentation with different filing systems and assigning different group permissions.

  • Notification Management: Creating notifications and scheduling the notifications based on user permissions.

  • Bulk Data Import: Sites and projects level data upload, including upload functions such as template and layout.


NEXSYS-ONE is ISO/IEC 27001certified. Implementing the standard helps us meet the information security requirements of laws such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the NIS (Network and Information Systems) regulations. Our ISMS practices help to keep our consumer data safe in the private and public sector.

Mobile App

We live in a highly dynamic and technologically evolving world, and mobile devices and connectivity are at the forefront of this evolution. The concepts championed through social media are infiltrating more and more into our work environment, and an increasing number of applications are being developed to enhance our performance in the workplace and bridge the gap between remote and centralized work activities.

Data Integrity

The accuracy of every database, report or communication depends entirely on the integrity of the original data. Our applications are tailored to secure the integrity of the data as far as possible. Input processes are designed to automatically highlight misreporting. Behind the scene cross-checks are used to ensure integrity. If it improves data integrity, human intervention is removed wherever possible.