Fiber Optic Network Deployment

Fiber Optic Network Deployment

FIBER-ONE establishes complete network transmission visibility over synchronized GIS map views from various network elements to enable efficient works coordination to complete transmission network builds. Increases your deployment speed with synchronized planning and asset management coordination. Real-time work acceptance and documentation management. Workforce management system to enhance field coordination practices.


With FIBER-ONE, you’ll have the visual interface to help you understand and manage your entire fiber optic network deployment. FIBER-ONE delivers information in a seamless, map based data format and provides an array of software solutions to help deploy and maintain your fiber network.


FIBER-ONE makes it easy to enter, update and understand the connectivity of your network. You’ll be able to quickly establish and insert connections within splice enclosures, patch panels, optical network devices and passive optic network splitters used in the FTTH applications. Using FIBER-ONE it allows you to manage certain fiber paths in your network as a single unit. Users can create the fiber paths and overlay with existing transmission map topologies. Such overlays include microwave, cable routing or electrical typologies to help plan your network integration & connectivity. When you’re managing a fiber optic network from a central office, searching for assets on site, or planning a future system expansion, you need accurate information that’s mapped to your physical network. This information should be available to the user at all times. The FIBER-ONE cross connection manager provides planners and field engineers the current status of the cross connection port management. This is used to plan future expansions or deliver the last mile.

In-Building Solutions

FTTH last mile deployment requires the ability to map the progress of the fiber connection status. FIBER-ONE allows the user to upload building as-build drawing to map and overlay the fiber network routing. At the click of a button, the user can update the fiber deployment status across the building while managing the equipment and port connectivity to the final customers fiber connection.