Digital Twins for Efficient Tower Management: NEXSYS-ONE and vHive Deliver an Integrated Solution


Effective June 2023, NEXSYS-ONE, a global leader in developing cloud-based enterprise software solutions, and vHive, one of the world’s leading digital twin software solutions, have agreed to collaborate and provide integration options between their products. 

Commenting on the partnership, Jim Prosser, CEO and Founder at NEXSYS-ONE said:

“Telcos need to better understand their assets to improve their business and operational results. They are challenged by integrating manual workflows with multiple data sources and IT systems. The integration with vHive enhances our customers’ experience by providing one source of truth of asset data. As a result, our customers will benefit from improved time to revenue, prevent revenue leakage and cost reduction.”

With the addition of these assets’ digital representation, analytics and insights, telecos and towercos can accelerate their digital transformation journey. The present model of tower management functions in the NEXSYS-ONE application has advanced capabilities of managing tower equipment. The proposed association is a sophisticated value addition to the principles and practices.

“vHive is excited to partner with NEXSYS-ONE to provide a seamlessly integrated solution, simplifying customer experience in telcos’ tower management operations. This partnership accelerates the time to implementation of new technologies, co-location processes and on-going maintenance work by bringing value and insights in a visual digital environment,” said Yariv Geller, vHive CEO.

NEXSYS-ONE and vHive bring innovative solutions to meet market demands to improve efficiencies and visibility of network infrastructure. 

NEXSYS-ONE’s TOWER-ONE, ASSET-ONE, and TASK-ONE modules will offer the following value-added features utilizing the integration with vHive products:

  • TOWER-ONE will provide tower management functionality with integration to ASSET-ONE
  • Customers can register their visual assets with the ASSET-ONE platform of NEXSYS-ONE
  • Together with TASK-ONE, 3D images, and views can be used for fault diagnostics and troubleshooting

Combining NEXSYS-ONE and vHive offers customers the following services:

  • Seamless integration based on numerous interfaces to enable exchange of commonly required data such as asset or component information
  • Virtual site visits and evaluation of infrastructures
  • Automated site inventory analysis
  • Quick and easy simulation environment for tower planning purposes
  • Rapid co-location processes

These services will be available globally for operators, towercos, system integrators, and other businesses of any size that support telecom networks and renewable energy infrastructure.


NEXSYS-ONE is a privately owned cloud-based telecom enterprise software provider with an extensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite utilized across the telecom industries. The NEXSYS-ONE software products and solutions are used worldwide to help manage deployments and operations of nationwide telecom projects. Its modular and scalable software solutions have served the telecom industry since 2001.

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vHive is a global leader in digital twin software solutions, and it helps accelerate enterprises’ continuous digital transformation, enabling them to make better decisions based on accurate field data, analytics, and insights. Its leading software solution enables enterprises to deploy autonomous drone hives to digitize their field assets and operations. vHive is making an impact in various industries by seeking to dramatically cut operational costs, generate new revenue opportunities and boost employee safety.

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Source: Fierce Wireless 28/06/2023