Cell Site Tower Sharing Software

Cell Site Tower Sharing Software

TOWER-ONE provides a tower sharing solution that centralizes all site information into one platform, whilst using unique techniques to obtain additional tenants per site. The management of leases, billing and the tower sharing processes are all captured in TOWER-ONE. TOWER-ONE is the complete one-stop end-to-end solution for tower companies to manage their cell sites.

Complete One Stop End-to-End Solution for Tower Sharing Companies

Real-time information, site statistics, space availability and asset details are all captured in TOWER-ONE. TOWER-ONE has been designed by experienced telecom and network engineers to empower our customers to manage their network infrastructure and site level performance. Included within TOWER-ONE customers can manage their procurement, supply chain, project deployment, assets, commercial, vendor management, quality control, documentation, lease management, billing and more.

Site Infrastructure Monitoring

TOWER-ONE with integration to SITE-ONE collects critical data from the cell sites active or passive network elements via a combination of gateways, sensors and OSS integrations. NEXSYS-ONE can provide the customized onsite hardware or integrate with existing RMS solutions to gain visibility into alarms, environment conditions, fuel usage, energy usage and generator performance. The NEXSYS-ONE TASK-ONE module is then used by the NOC and field technicians to process preventive and corrective maintenance tasks.