What Our Clients Say About Us

We pay attention to details and quality, good communication and strong customer relationship. Here is what they say about us.

"United Telecom has a commitment to deliver advanced, professional services across Asia. When using Nexsysone, we achieve the service excellence that is required to deliver complex projects in challenging conditions. Currently, we use the Nexsysone modules to support services such as asset management, warehousing, repair services, spare parts management, intelligent remote site management and monitoring, project deployment tracking and reporting. We are extremely happy with Nexsysone and the support we get from the team."

Lorcan Harney,CEO, United Telecom

"ProjectOne has proven to be an exceptional tool within my group. It has brought efficiency and speed to, what was before, a painful task for our engineers and management team."

Erik Gomez - NI RIC, NAM - Nokia Siemens Networks

"When I was working as SBM (Service Business Manager) for Nokia Siemens Networks in 2010, I was awarded an 800 sites swap project for 3GIS. We started the negotiations with several companies and we ended up closing the negotiations with Lemcon. The negotiations were handled very professionally. I had the pleasure of closing the large swap project in Sweden with Lemcon in 2010. We swapped 800 sites on schedule for the 3GIS network. The project was a complete success. Lemcon’s management, technical skills and delivery software were great. Whenever we had delays, Lemcon would add the necessary expertise in seconds. This project was coordinated and handled very professionally with Lemcon. It was the best delivery that we had in eight years of working with 3GIS. It was never an issue for Lemcon to work in weather such as -45 degrees Celsius. All the swapped equipment was returned perfectly and in a good state. My main comment is that it was great dealing with Lemcon and I would be happy to do it again."

Ken Hansen, Former Service Business Manager at NSN and now COO at Tigo Bolivia

"Lemcon Likusasa Africa (LLA) has been using Nexsysone, and its predecessor LNT (branded as “ENT – Econet Network Tracker”), for its network deployment and optimisation services in Zimbabwe since 2009. The tool helps LLA to seamlessly track and report progress and problems during the site construction phase, as well as all subsequent passive and active system upgrades. Over time, Nexsysone has become increasingly valuable; the build-up of historical data for each and every site provides LLA with a data platform to continually improve the efficiency and quality of the service for subsequently implemented work packages. Nexsysone has enabled LLA to become a market leader from a quality and a commercial perspective, that other service providers in Zimbabwe are unable to match."

Paul Carpenter, Divisional Director, Lemcon Likusasa Africa (LL Africa Ltd)