SITE-ONE is a solution for telecom cell towers that provides visibility and control for Mobile Network Operators or Tower Operators over the status of the Base Transceiver Station. Real-time remote monitoring of vital parameters through our edge devices allows to proactively take decisions based on data received and provide remote control functionality from the control center. Thus reducing cost of maintenance whilst providing helpful insight of the BTS through a reliable and robust loT cloud solution.

SITE-ONE facilitates remote monitoring of operational information by providing a comprehensive user interface presenting key parameters such as BTS power system and equipment environment information.


    With SITE-ONE hardware and software technology, our solutions will encompass all the information of energy components of your tower site. The solution offers comprehensive, integrated suite for monitoring energy parameters of the BTS through a natural and simple-to-use visual interface.


    SITE-ONE is unique in its offering as it provides the option of having all the monitoring and control over a satellite network such as IridiumĀ® as a fallback. Therefore, in case of terrestrial network failure, we provide a quick and efficient method to remotely analyze and fix problems based on diagnostic information via satellite communication.


    SITE-ONE security module consists of a wide range of sensors that help prevent unauthorized access, theft and damage to the site. SITE-ONE is configurable and flexible to support various modes of surveillance, perimeter security and equipment tracking capabilities providing a high degree of security.