SAFETY-ONE provides customers with the visibility and oversight required to effectively implement their health and safety management systems by driving the ownership and accountability needed to ensure compliance with legislative and corporate responsibilities.

In addition to an organisation meeting their legal and moral responsibilities on health and safety there are additional benefits to be gained from implementing an effective Safety Management System through improved communication, clear responsibilities and defined processes. Most companies that are highly successful in safety become more efficient and effective in the execution of their business which, in turn, leads to an improvement in overall operational performance.”


    SAFETY-ONE is an advanced management platform that supports organisations to better manage their safety responsibilities mobile apps, work force management processing and an advanced video and VoIP communication system with the help of international industry experts Calibre who specialise in Health, Safety and Environmental Management.


    All organisations should have the means at the press of a button to obtain immediate information on their Safety performance from a reliable source. Our vision to provide organisations with the ability to track training, inspection & audit results, risk assessments and implementation of mitigating controls through real-time reporting that provides users with the lead and lag indicators to effectively target their resources.


    SAFETY-ONE connects all levels of an organisation, including third party suppliers, through an intelligent easy to use mobile app that provides connectivity and visibility across all activities. SAFETY-ONE is tailored to capture all the corporate or project specific health, safety and environmental requirements based on internal, client or local legislative requirements whilst adhering to international best practices and standards.SAFETY-ONE empowers organisations to obtain complete control of all phases of their health and safety programs to ensure compliance with legislation and reduce any costs associated with non-compliance.

    The robust structural framework provided by SAFETY-ONE is necessary to identify workplace hazards and risks, reduce incidents and accidents along with reducing the exposure of personnel to hazardous situations and substances. This includes training personnel in hazard identification, safe working practices, emergency preparedness, incident response and the use of protective clothing and equipment. SAFETY-ONE captures, analyses and makes available all the data essential for driving the critical processes to ensure safety really does come first.

    The safety related responsibilities and accountabilities can be mapped across an organisation and linked to the required training modules to ensure all personnel have the skills and competencies required to perform their work in a safe manner.The allocation and tracking of actions helps ensure that all identified mitigating controls are effectively implemented to reduce the level of risk in the workplace.