FACILITY-ONE is the award winning Facility management software that was initially used to maintain over 40,000 Telecom cell sites across the USA, Indonesia, Northern Europe and various countries across Africa. In 2015 the platform was adapted for the facility management sector to provide home owners or residents the capability to obtain immediate assistance for common house hold

  • Our vision

    Residents should have the means at the press of a button to obtain immediate assistance from certified credible service suppliers. Emergencies like major plumbing failures that cause floods for example should be dealt with as emergencies with residents in distress receiving immediate direct video and VoIP communication with subject matter experts to attempt to resolve problems whilst the dispatch teams on route.

  • How it works

    FACILITY-ONE connects the service suppliers with the residents with an intelligent easy to use mobile app that’s interconnected with the command center.

    The home user is provided an app that notifies the command center of an alert when and if needed. The command center using intelligent work flow processing within task tickets can Video and Voice communicate with the person in need. The recordings are automatically stored and isolated within the alert ticket to assist the dispatch units when on route. These recordings are used for future analytics to improve the work flow processes. Call outs and work order processes are completely managed by FACILITY-ONE. It enables the person in need to be notified of actions taken to support their service request.

    The person in need will see the location of the dispatch team via their app and have the ability to contact them at any point. When alerts are generated, the command center is prompted the recommended dispatch team based on their location, skills, current work load, current traffic condition to the location, spares and equipment to deal with the request.