DOCOMO and NEXSYS-ONE Develop Disaster-recovery Solution

NEXSYS-ONE creates latest generation Disaster Recovery Software Solution for global Communication Service Providers in collaboration with DOCOMO's deep field experience

Dubai, UAE & London, UK- 29 Nov 2019. NEXSYS-ONE , a leading global provider of advance cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms for Telecom and Emergency Services is pleased to announce their further joint collaboration with NTT DOCOMO, INC., the largest provider of mobile Telecom Services in Japan to provide the latest Software solution in managing disaster-hit telecommunication networks around the world and assisting in their speedy recovery whilst ensuring employee and workforce safety.

The software module is based on NEXSYS-ONE's advance state of the art platform with incorporation of the experience based processes of DOCOMO and is being trialed in DOCOMO PACIFIC, a wholly owned DOCOMO subsidiary in Guam, between November to March 2020.

"In Japan, DOCOMO has implemented a wide range of measures to help ensure the continuity of its mobile network both during and after natural disasters such as typhoons, heavy rains, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, especially at a time when climate change is contributing to increasingly severe weather-related disasters", said Mr Keisuke Yoshizawa, Executive General Manager, Global Business Division at NTT DOCOMO, INC. "The new solution is expected to enable global telecommunications carriers to build more disaster- resilient communications networks by incorporating DOCOMO's expertise in preparing for disasters, confirming employee safety, grasping disaster situations and responding to disasters, which NEXSYS-ONE has developed as a software solution available on their state-of-the art operational management software platform."

The trial is aimed at confirming the solution's performance in three key areas:
- Digitization of project and workforce management for fast, accurate and systematic management of all network repair work,
- Real-time Geo location of disaster-affected network elements and services
- Confirmation of all company employees' safety, including Geo location and status feedback

Guam is located in an area of the world noted for typhoons, so DOCOMO PACIFIC has experienced disruptions in its communications networks due to damage caused by severe storms. Although the company's workforce is limited in size, it must dispatch many people into the field immediately following a disaster to assess damage and repair facilities as required. Accordingly, digitization of the company's disaster-recovery measures should result in faster and more efficient recovery of disabled network services.

"The combination of NEXSYS-ONE's powerful platform which has proven itself in Telecom Industry, together with DOCOMO's deep experience of managing critical and major disaster situations will bring about a Software platform that can be used, not only with out-of-the box operationally proven processes immediately , but also and if needed , can be easily configured to reflect and digitize the Communication Service Provider's own processes, in a transformational way to bring about efficiency, speed of response, faster recovery, employee and workforce safety with sophisticated and intuitive reporting for management, applicable to a range of disaster prone networks, making them more robust and responsive in such critical times" , said Siamak Sarbaz, Senior Executive and Board member of NEXSYS-ONE.


NEXSYS-ONE is a global leader in cloud-based enterprise software, with an extensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite that can be utilized across multiple industries, such as Telecom, Health Care and Ambulance Services, Fire and Police, as well as Security Services. Its Software products and Solutions have been extensively used across the world to manage deployment of nationwide telecom projects and can be used for smart campuses, large events, stadiums, universities as well as across municipalities. Its IoT capabilities are extensive and can monitor and act upon instructions of changes to various device parameters. The software solutions are modular and very scalable and can suit customers with different size of operations.

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